X2.2 Iperespresso Professional Coffee Machine


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A completely versatile multi-beverage espresso coffee machine for office, professional use or for home. The X2.2 prepares barista quality espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte with ease. Use the steam/hot water wand to froth milk for creamy cappuccino and latte.

Available in Stainless Steel

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New Look. New Functionality. Always an Icon.

The X2.2 Iperespresso Professional Machine is designed to serve up to 100 espressos a day for professional use in offices and businesses. Simple to use, this professional coffee machine requires minimum maintenance and does not need to be operated by an expert to offer illy’s premium coffee experience at all times, making it ideal for use across professional settings in Malaysia such as offices and workplaces. The introduction of the flow meter allows a precise control of the coffee brewed volume. Simply insert an Iperespresso capsule and the premium illy espresso brews into the cup without any contact with the machine. Buy the X2.2 Iperespresso professional coffee machine now on the official illy Malaysia store.




Iconic Design Meets Extraordinary Taste

An icon of taste and design which began life 20 years ago through the inspiration of Francesco illy and the flair of designer Luca Trazzi. The flowing curves of the X2.2 capture the dream of a coffee machine “so beautiful it makes everyone who sees it smile.”

Brewing the Best of Both Worlds in Malaysia

Designed to prepare both espresso and American coffee, X2.2 Professional coffee machine has a removable cup support tray: the top one to use for espresso cups, the lower cup for mugs and cappuccino cups.

All Metal X2.2 Professional Coffee Machine

Robust and reliable, X2.2 Professional coffee machine has a body entirely made of metal.

Singular Sensational

We could offer you every region, roast and blend under the sun. But we’d rather give you the perfect one. So we’ve spent eight decades refining a singular, signature blend – celebrated the world over as the pinnacle of what coffee can be.

What is an Espresso & Coffee Machine?

Espresso & Coffee machines utilize the highest quality standards and 2 expertly designed capsules to deliver an authentic Italian espresso or aromatic cup of drip coffee in one machine. Each capsule is specially designed to deliver the beautiful taste of illy in your preferred preparation with ease.


Machine Attributes
Preparation: Iperespresso Capsules
Coffee Format: Espresso, Americano & Cappuccino
Water Tank Capacity: 5 liter (169.07 ounces)
Dimensions: cm 46 (w) x 36 (d) x 39 (h)
Weight: 22kg (net)
Volume Control: Automatic
Pump: 15 bar
Coffee pressure during extraction: 15 bar
Thermo Blocks: 2 independent Thermo blocks for coffee groups & 1 Thermo block for steam group
Cup Warmer: Yes
Adjustable Cup Sizes: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year
Voltage: 220-240 V
Power: 3200 W (with steam)
Drip Tray: Yes
Material: Steel
Milk Frothing: Steam wand
Electronic temperature control
Automatic stop, up to 4 different programmable volumes
Steam wand and flow meter
*15amp power required



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