1 shot illy espresso

2-3 tsp (10-15 ml) hot chocolate

1 scant oz (25 ml) fresh whole milk

Cocoa powder



The Hot Marocchino is an inspired composition of deep colors, creamy consistencies and intense flavors. Serve it in a glass to reveal the full mouthwatering beauty of this specialty drink—chocolate on the bottom, coffee and milk in the middle and a velvety cream on top-an experience to enjoy layer by delicious layer.

  1. Prepare the hot chocolate in a small pitcher and pour it into the serving glass.

  2. Prepare the espresso directly into the same glass, adding it to the hot chocolate.

  3. Dust the mixture with a fine layer of cocoa powder.

  4. Foam the milk in a steaming pitcher, using the steam wand of your espresso machine.

  5. Gently pour the foam on top of the coffee/hot chocolate mixture and serve.



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